What does all this mean to your dog??

A window into their world...

It is my privilege, and joy, to introduce you to this service for the purpose of tapping into the wisdom of your own canine companion(s), as co-communicator of their issues, behaviours, or even health problems. 

If you're not already familiar with the innate spiritual wisdom of dogs, you soon could be.  Simply by 'tuning in' and empathising with the languaging of their most special sensory facets, an amazing channel of information and understanding can be accessed. Potential insights range from practical health information to mental, emotional, even philosophical perspectives relating to your own, as well as your dog's, state of being.

Our modern world is a strange place for any animal at the best of times. Imagine that you had super-sensitivity of hearing, sight, smell; even clairvoyance and telepathy, too. Or possibly you do, but your busy brain has not allowed you to acknowledge this natural extra-sensory capacity?  

Happily, it is becoming ever more familiar knowledge to many that when our minds and emotions are in a certain state of stillness and receptivity, a poignant portal is created, facilitating apprehension and understanding of the many and varied ways that people, animals, and even plants, respond to their environment, and the subtle cues going on around them, and within them.  It is these things, particularly to do with understanding the pitfalls and adaptations of our human nature that our dogs love to help us with, in order to develop compassion, and understanding, therefor.

However, these days, there is so much 'stuff' stimulating our brains, and distracting us from what our more subtle senses are telling us, we rarely think about the plethora of unseen things that may possibly be affecting us, nor how deeply.  In contrast, our dogs are aware of these things, first and foremost. Because we are their central focus, these things are very important to them. And they love to share how important these things can be for us, too.  Quite simply, your dog is your mirror, your spiritual guardian, and your mentor. 

No one knows you better. 

Maybe you're noticing something's different - an odd habit, strange reactions, or even alteration in your dog's own general health and energy - pause for thought. Chances are it is your 'canine barometer' reflecting your own issues back to you, in the only language they know how. After all, he/she is imprinted to you - your thoughts, your ways, your perceptions, intuition, emotion, experiences, and your energy. Could it be that the problem or issue is your own, and in fact, your dog is just trying to tell you something very, very important?

Maybe time to think again... 

Possibly, it's not an enigmatic job for the Vet, or the Behaviourist, after all.

'K9 Listening', as a subsidiary of http://quantumhomoeopathy.co.uk offers many different categories of targeted insight to explore, in partnership with your dog ~

As you may well know, dogs are excellent diagnosticians, and are very good at picking up on problems you may be having with your health. These could be things such as nutritional deficiencies; dehydration; allergies, toxicities; bacterial infections, and other pathogens, bio-chemical imbalances; spinal mis-alignments, organ or glandular weaknesses; degenerative changes; ill effects of physical and/or emotional traumas of the past, or present; or even ill effects of a certain brand of everyday stress.

Most intriguing are the energetic/emotional incompatibilities that dogs may have with their people...in addition to the always poignantly altruistic reasons why.

In short, your dog can show you things in ways you may not have imagined.  We inadvertently make assumptions about their experience all the time ~ but when you think about it, how often do we really stop, and truly listen...?  

These are the things that capture my imagination, and why I am so humbled to be able to work in tandem with the noble open-heartedness of dogs. Individual 'Readings range from £40 for a basic outline; £60 for a more specific topic, and/or broader family/collective reading. If you wish me to listen in, and translate, all I need is your dog's photograph and a small sample of hair (in a paper envelope); and a full description of the problem, as you perceive it to be.